So, what even is a “Meet Cute”?

It’s described as “An amusing or charming first encounter between two characters that leads to the development of a romantic relationship between them”

Hmm… think Jude Law and Cameron Diaz in “The Holiday” the chance to stumble upon your perfect partner in the most unlikely of circumstances! It sounds ideal, doesn’t it? However, as much as we all would love to have Jude or Cameron turn up at our door in the middle of the night, how likely is that really?! (Sadly not very)

This is where WE come in. We truly understand the disappointment and discouragement that modern-day dating can leave us feeling. We know how hard it is to invest precious time into someone only to discover later along the line that those red flags are presenting themselves left, right and centre!

So listen, how about we set the scene, find you your perfect co- star and give you the ability to write your own wonderful script?