meet cute

You have been single for a while, reluctantly you joined some online dating sites and went on a few interesting dates. What followed was disappointment full of unfulfilled expectations of a date that just didn’t go the way you hoped.

Is anyone out there still true to their word or is the world full of desperate people trying to get a date, no matter what? Is the world full of single people who have lost touch with reality?

The day when you are contemplating staying single for the rest of your life has now arrived. You feel hurt, confused and frankly, a little lonely … and it is OK to feel lonely at times.

So you have landed on our website, wondering how it could be different? After all, it would be such a shame not to be able to share your precious moments with someone special?

Yes, it would be a shame! Don’t stay alone for the rest of your life! Let’s see how we can do things differently.

We can’t guarantee we’ll find you the love of your life but we will promise that:

Your date won’t be after one thing only ….

It is true, some daters are after a quick hookup, a bit of ‘fun’. This is the person who you will end up seeing every other weekend for a ‘quick drink’ arranged last minute. They will never call just text and you will have the feeling that it is very unlikely they are exclusive to you or planning any commitment with you (or anyone else for that matter). They are a lost soul, and you will momentarily wonder if you can save them. Our advice is – don’t even try! Getting involved with someone who is not ready to be in a loving and committed relationship will leave you feeling empty, angry and cheap.

Your date will be intriguing …. Oh so boring!
We have all been there. So nice, yet soooo boring! Has it been an hour yet? Can I leave yet? Their messages on online dating were perfectly formed – full sentences (which is always a bonus), no emojis and you tried to overlook the fact you had nothing in common. There you are a few days later, sitting at a local bar, wondering why you agreed this date! Your date will be exactly who they say they are ….

And you are?
Don’t get me started on the profile photos! George Clooney on a photo, Homer Simpson in
real life. Oh yes, it really happened. When questioned, the person became aggressive and

We want you to date honest people and hiding behind a photo taken a couple of decades previously, or not even using your own photo, is not the best start to a lasting relationship. The best tip we can give you is to look for the obvious clues in dating photos. Are the photos clear and taken in natural light? Make sure they have more than one or two pictures on their profile and that all the photos clearly show the same person. Do not fall for photos taken in a studio setting. Oh, we have so many stories to tell!

How old did you say you are?
In great honesty, the phone call prior to a date where the person kept asking me to repeat everything, I have said should have been a warning sign. I have turned up to this date, finding a person at least 15 years older than I expected. Then there were the dates who were much much shorter, much much larger and simply very different to what I expected from their profiles. Throw in the undesirable marital status and I can truly say that most dating singles have come across it all.

Our aim is to arrange a date, so you will want to go on the next …

As your proxy friend, we will be with you every step of the way. You don’t need to worry about being ‘ghosted’. In the unlikely event when your match won’t progress to a second date, you will receive honest and constructive feedback on what went wrong. Or, if you don’t feel the vibe, we will work with you to achieve a better match the next time. Be honest with us, honest with yourself about what you are looking for in a partner, accepting that George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston are not currently available, and your single status will soon be a history.